Baseball is an amazing game, the team your children play with this summer may be friends they make for life – many of our Senior players have been playing together since Juniors or over many years.

This post will contain practical things about our uniform and playing fields, but also our expectations, as a Club of you, this season.

Our uniform tops and hats must be ordered through the Club. Our pants are grey baseball pants, along with a black or maroon belt, black socks and sneakers or baseball cleats. Players may wear a plain black or red top in lieu of those who are waiting on top orders.

Further information on our uniform is available here.

Whilst every team has a kit with catchers gear and bats, as well as things like balls. We do recommend every child has their own mitt. The aforementioned uniform post has information on where to get these, but even Rebel Sport has mitts, so they are readily available.

Children playing Zooka and above should be wearing a box to protect their groin as well, these are available at most sporting goods stores.

Children are allowed their own bats but they must comply with the Baseball Australia Guidelines, outlined here.

Training sessions are set by each team, we try to keep an accurate list of all team’s schedules here (still being updated). We ask that kids bring their kits down and for the younger teams, it is highly likely that parents will be involved in at least part of the training session.

As daylight savings kicks in, the kids will spread out across both our fields and may like to wear shorts as the weather warms up. One thing you may find yourselves needing, is aerogard!

Canteen Duty
We cannot exist without volunteers and we’re a family, all in this together! Part of having your child involved in a team sport, is being a good role model for them.

At all home games at Phil Austin, we ask each team to provide someone to assist with the Canteen and the BBQ. Often this can be split into smaller shifts, enabling everyone to catch a part of the game as well as helping out.

It is not fair to expect that the team manager abandon kids on a game day and man the Canteen or BBQ, they need to be in the dugout managing the kids. Unfortunately, this has often been the case. 

Please remember that our Coaches are all volunteers and quite likely have kids in your child’s team as well. Some of the parents are coaches for their older or younger children, be a team manager for your team, some might be one of the Scots committee and do a fair chunk of stuff behind the scenes.

Note: Coaches, team managers and committee members are exempt from Canteen duty (they do enough!) but may be happy to assist where they can.

Team Managers
Managers of all our teams are parents like yourself and kindly take on the day-to-day running of the teams, to assist the Coaches.

The Managers are your link with the Club and are your go-to if you have a question or anything else. Treasure them, they do a lot!

Playing Fields
Maps and addresses of all the fields you are likely to encounter whilst playing with Scots, are outlined here.

If there’s one missing, just let us know.

The CSJBA or Cronulla Sutherland Junior Baseball Association oversees the competition your children will be playing in this summer.

Their website is a handy one to keep bookmarked:

Remember they are just kids…