Active Kids vouchers are now able to be redeemed as part of the online registration process, set out by Baseball NSW.

They have put together a handy guide, that will help you navigate redeeming your child’s voucher during registration. The Active Kids section does not appear until you get to the Payment Summary page.

Baseball NSW also recommend registering your children separately, to ensure accuracy.

The biggest tip is when entering your child’s DOB (date of birth), if is in DDMM format, not the usual DDMMYY or DDMMYYYY you may expect. So if for example, your child was born on the 24/2/12, you would input this as simply 2402.

In the example below, this child’s DOB is 5/5/15 (5th May 2015), League Age 6.

In this child’s case, there was nothing more to pay – this page disappeared after a few minutes and was replaced by a registration completion screen, stating that the registration had been successful. But for some ages, the remaining amount will have to be paid by inputting card details before the registration is complete.

Download the Active Kids guide, here.