Our Club simply cannot exist without volunteers – we’re a family here at Scots Baseball, and we’re all in this together!

And part of having your child involved in a team sport, is being a good role model for them and pitching in. So we do ask parents and/or carers to help out during the season.

All our Junior coaches are volunteers, and quite often, the parent of one of the children in the team.

At all home games down at Phil Austin, we ask each team to provide volunteers to assist with the Canteen and the BBQ. Often this can be split into smaller shifts, enabling everyone to catch a part of the game as well as helping out.

We may also ask parents and carers to help out with training and on game days, whether this is through scoring, managing, base coaching or helping get kids out on the field.

It is not fair to expect that the team manager or coach abandon kids on a game day to man the canteen or bbq, when they need to be in the dugout or out on the field kids whilst parents sit back and spectate. Unfortunately, this has often been the case in previous seasons.

So please, give of your time, so that your kids can enjoy their season – we are better together.