Arncliffe Scots Centenary Masters’ Tournament

October Long Weekend 2017


The Masters tournament will use STGBA rules with some minor modifications. The modifications are:

 There are 2 x competitions (Over 45s & Over 35s)

 Over 45s teams are: Wests Illawarra Cardinals, Bravehearts, Vaqueros 1 & 2.

 Over 35s teams are: Wannabes, Comets, USDC Pirates & Rastas.

 The top 2 x teams in each competition will play the Gold Medal game on Monday.

 The bottom 2 x teams in each competition will play the Bronze medal game on the Monday.

 Games are 1 hour & 30 minutes in duration.

 This is a Wood only tournament. Wood and Wood Composite bats only.

 No bunting. The batter is out if bunting.

 The 10 minute rule does not apply. New innings can commence up until the 1 hour & 30 minutes.

 After 1 hour and 30 minutes the game will finish when there is a result, ie if the home side is more

than 6 runs ahead, the game is over.

 The maximum score in an innings per side is 6 runs. No more runs will count.

 Players under the prescribed age will have restrictions on an individual basis.

 Any disputes will be decided by the Scots Baseball Club Committee. All decisions are final.

 These rules are subject to change.

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