Ground Rosters

Ground rosters for each weekend will be posted here. All teams are expected to help out.

Sunday, Feb 28th:

  • Set up: Division 7
  • Clean up: Division 3 (red)

Set Up = put in bases, mark lines, set up scorers tables and chairs, check toilets for paper products.
Clean Up = put bases away, rake infield and mound, put scorers tables and chairs back.


Please note, only those with their RSA can serve alcohol at the bar but everyone can help everywhere else, regardless of whether your division has been assigned that task or not.

Results Sheets

The results sheets for Round 17 of the Summer 20/21 Season are now available.

Training Schedule

All divisions

Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm

Phil Austin

Our Senior Teams

Our teams for summer will be listed here once we have them.

Div 3 – BLACK

Coach: Phil S.

Team members:

  • Riley B.
  • Eric D.
  • Joshua F.
  • David H.
  • Peter K.
  • David L.
  • Conrad M.
  • Val Vincent S.
  • Noah S.
  • Rhys T.
  • Yusuke M.
  • Jake B.


Div 3 – RED

Coach: Kyle S.

Manager: PJ

Team members:

  • Kyle S.
  • Justin B.
  • Kyle D.
  • Shannen G.
  • Suz L.
  • Aaron P.
  • Hudson R.
  • Flavio R.
  • Connell H.
  • Jeffrey B.
  • Chris T.
  • Paul C.
  • Declan R.


Div 4

Coach: Wayne C.

Asst Coach: Bryan S.

Team members:

  • Ronie A.
  • Theodore C.
  • Wayne C.
  • Jeff M.
  • Phil J.
  • Nicholas V.
  • Todd L.
  • Maurice P.
  • Bryan S.
  • Mark P.
  • Nicholas T.
  • Nick W.
  • Sherif R.

Div 5

Coach: Chris G.

Asst Coach: Nigel S.

Team members:

  • Andy C.
  • Ethan G.
  • Don K.
  • Daniel S.
  • Josh T.
  • Nik H.
  • Katie P.
  • Darius P. B.
  • Joshua B.
  • Nigel S.
  • Mahmoud M.
  • Kay S.


Div 7

Coach: Andrew F.

Manager: Ralf S.

Team members:

  • Laurie B.
  • Dennis C.
  • Shane E.
  • Andrew E.
  • Andrew F.
  • Aaron I.
  • James I.
  • Richard L.
  • David O.
  • Ken R.
  • Andrew R.
  • Richard W.
  • Arthur M.
  • Phil C.
  • Lupce K.
  • Simon C.

Want to Join The Club?

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With a large membership of senior and junior players, we’re a family-friendly club that believes in a love of baseball and a fair go for all.