Here’s the draw for the Masters Tournament being held down at Phil Austin this Labor Day weekend.

This year we have 6 teams in total, with four of the teams in their 40’s and the other two are a mix of 30’s and 40’s. We’ve decided to run a single competition with two pools of 3. The teams in each pool will play each other (2 games) and then play one cross pool game. The teams on top of their respective pools will play off for gold and silver, the teams that are second in their pool will play off for bronze and the remaining two teams will play off for 5th.

We will be running with two pools, Pool A and Pool B. See below:

Pool A

  • Vaqueros
  • UNSW
  • Cardinals

Pool B

  • Bravehearts
  • Barbarians
  • Comets

Please come along and support the teams, whilst partaking of the delicious food available from our Canteen and the Bar will be open as well!

Rules of the Tournament can be found here.