Our Uniform

We wear our Club uniform and colours with pride.

/ˈjunəfɔm/ (say ‘yoohnuhfawm)
–noun (Macquarie Dictionary)
a distinctive dress of uniform style, materials, and colour worn by and identifying all the members of a group or organisation

The official Arncliffe Scots Baseball uniform is as follows:

  • Club cap – included with registration if new to the Club
  • Uniform top – this is ordered through the Club, you can choose the name & number to put on the back
  • Pants – grey baseball pants
  • Belt – black baseball belt
  • Socks – black
  • Shoes – normal sneakers or rubber cleats for younger people, metal cleats are allowed for Seniors and children aged over ??

Players will also need a baseball bat, mitt, batting gloves (personal choice but not necessary), their own batting helmet as well as sunscreen and water for games and training sessions.

Uniform tops can be ordered from the Clubhouse when official training sessions are underway, and we have several sizes for kids to try on. These are $70.

Training shirts are made possible thanks to our amazing sponsors, if you’re interested in sponsoring one of our teams this season – please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you!

You can order or purchase your baseball gear from one of the following Sydney-based or online retailers:

Stores like Rebel and Decathlon also have options available.

  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Protective
  • Bats
  • Gloves

All players wear a red hat with the Scots A on the front.

If you are new to the Club, you will receive this as part of your registration.

Otherwise, they are available in varying sizes, for purchase at the Clubhouse.

You may notice some players and coaches do wear some of our older black hats, we love history!

Playing shirts are a required part of our uniform and are available for ordering prior to the season, and during the season if needed.

You can include a number on the back, many use the year of their birth. e.g. 1977 becomes 77. And a name, often this is a nickname or a surname. These cost $70.

Kids without shirts may start the season in a plain red, white or black tshirt.

Some children like to wear an undershirt, they are also great for sun protection. You can get a fancy athletic top if you wish, but a plain black, red or white long-sleeved tshirt is much cheaper. Note, the kids WILL get dirty and red dirt isn’t fun to wash, so we recommend against white. Best & Less often have black athletic ones at a reasonable price.

We wear grey baseball pants as part of our required uniform.

These can be full length or knee length, your choice. Knee length ones must be worn with black baseball socks underneath to protect ones legs.

These can be ordered at several locations around Sydney and online, we also may have several in our second-hand clothing available.

Normal sneakers are absolutely fine for the younger players, rubber cleats are equally so.

We recommend older kids do wear cleats. Metal cleats can only be worn by Senior League and our Senior teams.

Belts: we wear black belts, these are available at most Baseball retailers, online or in person. Belts are typically one size and completely adjustable, and will often last a player from early ages right through to adult playing.

Socks: we wear black socks.

For our younger players, any old black ankle socks underneath your full length pants or knee high if going with 3/4 or shorter pants, from anywhere are acceptable. Kmart, Best & Less, Big W and Target all have options that are low priced. Older children should wear proper black baseball socks.

Kit Bags: Kit bags are what we refer to as the bags we place our baseball equipment in – batting helmet and mitt etc. Younger children can get away with a regular backpack, but older children will benefit from a dedicated bag. There are a huge range of options and price ranges to suit every budget from baseball retailers everywhere. We often have secondhand ones available if you are interested.

Protective wear: Sliders and cups are not necessary for younger players, we do recommend them though from Zooka and above. But use your own judgement if needed.

Batting helmets: batting helmets are compulsory, and a required piece of a players playing kit.

Sun protection: very much recommended, especially when playing in summer – sunscreen and long sleeves.

The attached batting regulations are still current.

Players of T-Ball age and below can use any bat, as they get used to the game. Zooka and above should have a bat with USA Baseball markings as outlined in the table above.

Note: Zooka is also known as Machine Pitch and sometimes as part of Little League Minors, so falls under the same rules.

Everyone is required to have their own baseball mitt or glove, this is an essential part of every player’s personal playing kit.

You can look at a reasonably priced option at Rebel or Decathlon if starting out or you may like to visit one of the retailers listed.

Batting gloves are recommended for older age groups, Zooka and above but again they are personal choice. They are also a good option in the current pandemic to ensure extra safety.

About Scots Baseball

Established in 1913, Arncliffe Scots Baseball is a club that has been a fixture in the local sporting scene for well over 100 years.

With a large membership of senior and junior players, we’re a family-friendly club that believes in a love of baseball and a fair go for all.