Xavier, one of our T-Ball players, is wearing the current uniform for all Arncliffe Scots baseball players across juniors and seniors

Our uniform is as follows:

  • Hat: supplied by the Club as part of your registration if new to the Club.
  • Uniform shirt: must be ordered from the Club.
  • Pants: Grey baseball pants.
  • Belt: Black baseball belt
  • Socks: Black
  • Shoes: Normal sneakers are fine for younger players but cleats are recommended for Zooka and above.
  • Mitts: each player buys their own.
Xavier – T-Ball Minor player

Hats: The newer hat for Scots is the one pictured, though many of our players wear the slightly older black one. All new players will receive the one pictured.

Shirts: These cost $55 and include a number on the back, many use the year of their birth. e.g. 1977 becomes 77. Our next ordering day is this Saturday 10th Aug from 1-4pm, we’ll discuss further this week about additional opportunities to do so. Kids without shirts may start the season in a plain red or black tshirt.

Some children like to wear an undershirt, they are also great for sun protection. You can get a fancy athletic top if you wish, but a plain black, red or white long-sleeved tshirt is much cheaper. Note, the kids WILL get dirty and red dirt isn’t fun to wash, so we recommend against white.

Pants: You can order grey baseball pants from several locations across Sydney. We recommend:

If you have a relative in the USA, get them to pop into any sporting goods store and send them over. Most manufacturing sites, such as Easton and Rawlings will have all their measurements online. You can also ask other kids parents about what size their child is wearing and gauge your child’s size accordingly. Often, they are cheaper online.

Belt: Belts are inexpensive and readily available from any of the aforementioned retailers.

Socks: Black socks from Best and Less, Kmart, Target, Big W etc are easily available. Older players should wear proper baseball socks as they do help protect your legs when sliding, again available from any of the above retailers.

Sliders and cups are not necessary for younger players, we do recommend them though from Zooka and above. But use your own judgement if needed.

Shoes: Normal sneakers are absolutely fine for the younger players, cleats are equally so. We recommend older kids do wear cleats.

Mitts: All players are required to bring their own mitt to games, you can get cheap ones from Rebel or good ones from any of the aforementioned retailers, it is recommended to get your child sized – 9″ or 10″ for the youngest players (smallest they make).

Bats: All team kits include bats, so they are not necessary but your child may like their own bat.

Kit bag: As kids get older, these become necessary for all kids and helps keep kids gear all together.