We have now closed registration ahead of the start of the 2019/20 Summer season, which begins in just two weeks.

Our reason for doing so, is so we have time to submit the teams to the relevant associations – as it is, the majority of Clubs already closed theirs several weeks ago.

Everyone has had ample time to get their registrations in – on the Junior side, there have been numerous emails and texts sent flying all over the place in recent weeks. If you’re ever in doubt about updates from us, please keep an eye on our Facebook page – we know some people don’t use Facebook, but as it’s a public page, you can just load it up in your web browser like a normal web page and keep an eye on it that way.

We will be spending this weekend looking at teams and parents for the Junior side should be hearing from their coaches and managers in the coming days.

If you need help with figuring out what our uniform requirements are, please check out this post.

Summer begins the weekend of the 13-14th of September across both Juniors and Seniors. We cannot wait!