With a full week left before Christmas, there’s still time to get some baseball gear for your senior or junior player – or maybe treat yourself!

The following are a mixture of local bricks and mortar stores, as well as some online shopping options.

Some online retailers may not be able to get items to you in time, but you never know.

  • Batting helmet: All our kits have a couple of helmets, but kids do love to have their own and it’s a bit more hygienic. Basic helmets with a chin strap for T-Ball usually start at around $30.
  • Uniform pants: It’s good to have 1-2 pairs of pants, especially when kids get older and need to wear their pants to training as well as games. Seniors and Juniors both wear grey pants.
  • Batting gloves: Whilst not necessary in younger grades, batting gloves do allow better grip on the bat and are a great addition to any baseball kit.
  • Baseball kit bags or backpacks: Every kid eventually wants their own bag, the basic Easton ones are a good starting point. Older kids tend to favour the backpacks.
  • Bats: When purchasing bats, remember they need to be the appropriate height for your child, so take them along to the store and get them assessed if you aren’t sure. Bats from Little League and above MUST carry the USA Baseball approved stamp otherwise they cannot be used, so be aware before you drop $$ on a bat. Note: this is a national policy for all.
  • Shoes: For younger grades, soccer or football shoes work just as well as proper baseball shoes. Juniors are not permitted to wear metal cleats under a certain age, certainly not before Senior League.

For bigger ticket items, such as shoes from the likes of Rebel – it might be worth waiting for the Boxing Day sales, they almost always have some soccer shoes on sale at some point.

If your baseball player is a child, why not look at a School Holiday Camp?