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Club Resources

What age can my child play?

We adhere strictly to the guidelines and regulations set out by Baseball NSW, this includes only allowing kids to play that fall under the ages set out in the 2019/20 Baseball NSW Age Matrix.

If your child is older than the ages contained in the matrix, then they can play in one of our Senior teams. Unfortunately if your child is younger than the dates set out in the matrix, we look forward to welcoming you to Arncliffe Scots next year!

Do I have to help out if my child plays?

We certainly cannot force you, but we do ask all parents to lend a hand!

At all home games at Phil Austin, we ask each team to provide someone to assist with the Canteen and the BBQ. Often this can be split into smaller shifts, enabling everyone to catch a part of the game as well as helping out.

We also ask parents and guardians to help out with training and on game days, whether this is through scoring, managing, base coaching or helping get kids out on the field. You can find out more about volunteering here.

How can I register my child or myself?

Registration is only open at certain times during the year, prior to our summer and winter seasons.

Note: Children only play during summer.


How do I use my Active Kids voucher?

We are a registered Active Kids provider!

However, the online registration system that all Clubs in NSW use, does not currently have support for using the voucher numbers. So this must be done manually.

Instructions on how to use your voucher with us, can be found here.


How much are the registration fees?

Registration fees varies according to the age of the player and contains fees for Baseball Australia, Baseball NSW along with Club fees.