Junior Photos 2023

30 January 2023
junior photos
It’s Photo Week for our Scots Juniors! Photos will be taken by the photographer, Charlie, during training on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Any absent players will be noted and Charlie will endeavour to take their photos at a later time. These will be added in to the team photos as an inset. Costs and options:
  • Option A – Single, large 8” by 12” (A4), team photo = $20
  • Option B – Same team photo, PLUS three (3) postcard sized, colour, individual portraits = $25
Charlie is also happy to take additional photos, time allowing, of siblings or parent and child, these are usually $5 per photo. Please bring the correct amount, cash only there will be no EFT or change available. Wednesday Schedule – 1/2/23:
  • Little League Minor: 5:30pm
  • T-Ball Major Division 1: 5:50pm
  • T-Ball Major Division 2: 6:10pm
  • Little League Machine Pitch (Zooka) Division 1: 6:30pm
  • Junior League Division 2: 6:50pm
Thursday Schedule – 2/2/23:
  • Senior League Division 2: 5:30pm
  • Little League Major: 5:50pm
  • Junior League Division 1: 6:10pm
  • Senior League Division 1: 6:30pm
Please try not to be late, as this has a cascade effect across all teams and the schedule, affecting training on top.

About Scots Baseball

Established in 1913, Arncliffe Scots Baseball is a club that has been a fixture in the local sporting scene for well over 100 years.

With a large membership of senior and junior players, we’re a family-friendly club that believes in a love of baseball and a fair go for all.