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4 August 20221

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re now accepting registrations for both Juniors and Seniors ahead of the Summer 2022/23 season!

This is a new system that Baseball NSW has invested in, so please reach out if you encounter any difficulties and please read the tips below, as there are a few things to be aware of before hopping in to register yourselves or your kids.

Getting started:

  • The first screen will ask you to select how many adults or children to register – you can register multiple kids at once.
  • When inputting an email to log in for the first time, it will run you through a verification process, so have your email handy.
  • If you are using the same email as previous years, it will bring up your existing records – note there may be multiple records to choose from, just choose the first one.
    • If you are new to the club or registering an additional person, just use new member.
  • The system will automatically allocate your child’s League Age, based upon their Date of Birth, so no need to try to figure out what age group they are eligible for!!!

When inputting contact details:

  • When inputting an email address for contact details, make sure this is different to the email address used for Parent/Guardian 1. They cannot be the same email address.

Photo permission:

  • There’s a new field under the Extra Info page, when filling out all the contact details, called “Photo Permission”. If you are OK with us taking photos of your kids or yourself, and using them on our social channels or our website, please change this to Yes as it defaults to No. As we’d really love to share all the happy smiling faces of our Junior players, as well as our Seniors!

Active Kids Vouchers

  • This should be a seamless process!
  • Do not copy and paste your child’s Active Kids voucher number in, please type it in manually with no spaces between the numbers.
  • Make sure you hit the validate button!
  • If you are partway through your registration and your internet drops out or your laptop dies midway, then when you try to go back in and it says it has been used, it has not. The voucher with this system does not actually get redeemed until the payment has been processed. If you are getting this message:
    • Wait 24 hours and the voucher hold is released and will be available.
    • Re-register using a private or incognito browser and complete the registration.
    • Note you can check the status of your vouchers at any time in your MyServiceNSW account.
  • If you get a message about your pin being invalid, please get in contact with your Senior or Junior contact and provide your email address, along with your child’s name and correct Date of Birth. We’ll need to liaise with Baseball NSW in this instance.

Payment options

  • You can use credit cards as well as debit cards.
  • You can also use PayPal or Google Pay.


Please register for our Junior teams here.

Please register for our Senior teams here.



Any questions, please reach out.

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  • Greg Kasch

    11 August 2022 at 12:45 pm

    I think I stuffed up the registration process. I think I have registered myself as volunteer / coach but now can’t register my son Daniel.

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